Adding new screen recordings to translated elearning courses

Sep 15, 2021


I'm currently doing some research about the best methods and options for translating some of the elearning content in my company's extensive on-demand systems training library. These are microlearning courses (usually 5 minutes or less) that consist of a brief intro, followed by screen recordings that demonstrate how to complete a narrowly defined set of actions in a given software application, and they are all developed in Storyline 360.

Thanks to your help articles, I've learned how to export the courses for translation (using either XLIFF or Word format) and then import the translated content. What I'm not too sure about is the most efficient way to replace the screen recordings. Each of these software demonstrations needs to be rerecorded, following the same exact steps in the original, but using the translated user interface (UI).

I've had some success with opening a new Storyline file and completing a new screen recording (we use the "Step-by-step slides" option), and then I copy the translated content from the timeline of the translated Storyline file and paste it into the timeline of the file with the new screen recording from the translated UI. It seems like it would be easier if I could do this the other way around and insert the new recording into the translated Storyline file, but I'm not finding a way to swap screen recordings.

Anyone reading this may wonder why not just start from scratch with a translated script, complete the new screen recording, and rebuild the training. But even with the need to work with two separate Storyline files and copying the translated content to the new recording, it still seems like a significant time saver to have the on-screen text and slide notes already translated and in place (we use the slide notes to create text-to-speech narration). I just wish I knew if there were a simpler way to manage this.  Any advice is much appreciated!

Thank you!

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