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Katie Riggio

Hi Christopher,

Welcome, and thanks for reaching out! First, here is a related resource on how to enable right-to-left language support for player features:

We are also looking into similar reports where right-to-left text may not appear correctly in the closed captions editor so I'll share your experience with the team.

For now, we have these workarounds: 

  1. Copying right-to-left text from another document and pasting it into the closed captions editor seems to be more consistent than typing directly into the editor. 
  2. Open the closed captions editor and let it auto-create caption placeholders that are synced with your content. Then, click Export Captions on the ribbon. Open the exported file in a text editor like Notepad and type your captions below each timestamp. Save and close the file, then import it back into the closed captions editor.

Let me know if any more questions pop up! Happy to chat further.