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David Anderson

Hi Orsolya - The "next slide" trigger will only look for the next slide in the scene. To advance from one scene to the next, you'll need to change the trigger to either:

  • Jump to slide: Keep the same trigger but change "slide" to the first slide in scene 2.
  • Jump to scene: Change the action to jump to a specific scene. 

The advantage to using the jump to scene action is the next button on the last slide of scene 1 will always advance to the first slide in scene 2. This means you can delete, rearrange, or add scenes to scene 2 without having to edit the next button trigger.

Fiona Macelli

Hey David, I'm coming back to Storyline after a bit of a hiatus, and this behaviour seems fairly new (and I don't love it). Is there a way to set Storyline - in preferences or somewhere - to assume that Next Slide means Next Scene (unless told otherwise) if the slide is at the end of the scene?  Why would Articulate have removed this default behaviour and require that it be set manually? I can't see any advantages from an authoring point of view...