Ampersands and Text Variables

Good Morning All, 

I've got a text variable that stores a value which includes an ampersand. (i.e. P&C)

If I place a condition on a trigger that is based on that value, the trigger doesn't doesn't fire.

If I remove the ampersand and replace it with the word "and" everything works A+. Bracketing the value/condition with quotes doesn't seem to make a difference either.

I've noticed that ampersands are  removed from names/values shown in the layer and trigger windows (P&C appears as PC).  However, even with the ampersands removed all the values/triggers shown in those windows appear to be consistent with each other and to my mind should trigger as expected - but they don't. 

In practical terms I'm fine using "and" instead of the "&" for the time being, but for peace of mind I'd like to know what gives so I can continue to grow my understanding of how things work in Storyline land. 


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Greg!

I remembered seeing an issue with ampersands and Articulate Online reporting, but I hadn't heard of this particular issue. However, I did double check our records and I found a report for using ampersands in triggers and some layer names. It looks like our guys are currently working on fixing this issue and plan on releasing a fix for it in the future. For now, the best workaround is the one you're currently using.