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Diarmaid Collins

That's a beautiful piece of work Nuno. Very elegant.

I don't suppose there is a chance you could link the original Storyline file? It would be great to see the innards of this.

Does it rely on states? Or have you managed to figure out how to anchor Dial Sliders to a non-centered fixed position?

Diarmaid Collins

Magnificent work guys. Love the examples supplied there Michael. Really nicely done.

I have tried making a rotating hand in the past, prior to Dials and was always frustrated that the built-in animations don't allow a central fulcrum to rotate upon. Basically, an object rotates around a circular path, as opposed to a central point. It always irked.

These look amazing and are a fantastic inspiration.

Dong Liang

I wish I could. It is part of an internal training and a link won't work.

After some research, I am thinking technically there is no such thing as continuously moving. it is just smaller intervals that human eyes would perceive as continuous. HTML + JS can do this but it looks a bit substantial to embed in storyline. Nuno's version already serves its purpose well.