animated bullet points?

Sep 12, 2012

Is there a way to animate bullet points in Storyline? I saw that you can do that in Studio, but I haven't seen a way yet to do it in Storyline.  What I'd like to do is have the bullet points appear in turn as the narrator reads from the script. 

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Diane Elkins

You can!

Create your text box with the bullet points. 

On the Animations tab, add an entrance animation, and select the "by 1st level paragraph" option.

Then in the timeline, a small arrow appears next to the text box's name.  Click the arrow to expand the text box in the timeline, where you will have one object for each 1st level paragraph.  You can then time those individually.

Will Findlay

This is really helpful. One request though, if I add a soft return (shift+enter) in the middle of text after a bullet, I would expect it to be considered part of the same bullet - currently it does not do this. It considers the text after the soft return to be a new paragraph. By definition a soft return is not supposed to indicate a new paragraph. However, what is demonstrated in the video helps work around this.

David Anderson

Hey Will - that's actually a good point (no pun intended). While it's easy enough to set the timing of the soft returns so they sync as one, I totally see where following a standard soft return would make sense.

So even though we've identified text improvements as a top priority, I haven't seen a lot of requests around soft returns. Would you mind submitting that request so we have it on our list?

Jose Tansengco

Hello Marie, 

Storyline 360 doesn't have a feature similar to PowerPoint's on click animation, but the suggestions shared in this thread recreate the effect by allowing each bullet point to enter the slide individually. 

This screenshot shows how to set the animation of your bullet points so that they enter the slide one at a time: 

And you'll want to make sure to adjust the timing in the timeline as well: 

I've attached a demo file for your reference. Hope this helps!