Animated video in Content library with green screen

Jun 02, 2023

I found several animated characters in the Content Media library 360 videos and they have a green screen.  I am looking for a transparency tool under Options so I can add the animated character to my choice of background.  I can't find it.  Is it not the case?   I have looked through the forums without success. How do I use the animated video?  I will upload a screen shot. 

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Jürgen Schoenemeyer

to remove the green background you need e.g. Adobe After Effects -> "Chroma Keying"


  • there is no way to integrate videos with transparence in storyline
  • storyline uses mp4 for videos
  • mp4 can't do transparency

these videos in the content media library are just videos with a green background - they are supposed to show a green screen scene

Doris Chwist

Thank you very much. It is unfortunate that the background selected is green if SL has no transparency tool. Green screen is kind of an industry standard, I think. I have Premiere Pro and I believe I have used a green screen tool. But it is good to know about available online tools like OBS studio. I have used Davinci Resolve with success as well. Thank you both, Math Notermans and Jürgen Schoenemeyer.

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