Animations & Slow Playback

I have a slide that includes multiple pictures and text with animations. On Preview it works fine, but some users are experiencing an issue where the visuals slow considerably, and do not keep in sync with the audio. I may be able to fix the issue by optimizing the photos, but I am also concerned that I may have too many animations on the go. Does anyone know if there is a recommended limit to animations per slide? Thanks!

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Dave Cox

Hi Rena,

There isn't any set limit to the number of animations per slide. I have however experienced the issue that you are experiencing. I've found that the farther that you get from the beginning of the timeline, the more likely you are to find that the audio does not sync up with your animations.

This is due to the way that Storyline handles audio, rather than your animations. The audio is going to play at the rate determined by the audio file, which does not always match the timeline's rate. I've found it is best to start with a fresh audio clip at each point where the animations change. You can do this with separate audio clips on the timeline, use separate layers, or separate slides.