Any clues as to constant refusals to save due to memory issues?

Sep 27, 2021

Hi all,

I've been using Articulate 360 happily for several years. However, a few months ago work issued us all with new laptops and since then, I have constant issues when saving my work. By constant, I mean several times a day. Sooner or later, when I try to save, it will tell me it can't save because of one of a number of memory errors. Attached are a couple of the errors I am used to seeing, there may have been others - they all relate to memory and they all have the same result. I have to close my file without saving, hence I lose my work and have to recreate it. This has led me to keep saving constantly which does mean I lose less work but ironically means I get more error messages per day.

I don't know a great deal about computer specifications, but I can tell you that the C drive has nearly 100GB of free memory, and when I check the task manager upon encountering these errors, the working memory is never at more than 70% capacity. So in my limited knowhow I'm really stumped as to why it keeps complaining about memory. Any clues or advice people can offer would be much appreciated as it's getting really frustrating to continually recreate work.

One last thing, not sure if it's relevant.  I know it's a common recommendation to work with local save files. Our company, as many others are now I'm sure, insists everything is on a cloud server now. Even our desktops are backed onto the cloud. An IT guy told me if I wanted to keep an absolutely local file I could get around this by keeping my current .story file in the "downloads" folder, as this is always a local file. So that's what I've been doing - keeping my working file in my "downloads" folder and then, to have a back up file should this get wiped,  saving a copy of this to a cloud folder at the end of my working day.

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Michelle McKinney

Hi Maria,
An engineer indeed did just get in touch. However they literally just told
me to do what I've already said I'm doing - namely, save in my "Downloads"
folder to ensure it's a local file.
They also included a link to this article, which doesn't contain any new
information - these are all practices I'm already following.

Michelle McKinney

I wanted to share an update on this issue, which I had attributed to a new work laptop that was 64 bit. Articulate and the story file in question I was encountering issues with had worked fine on my previous work issued laptop

After working extensively with me through a support ticket, the Articulate Service Desk identified the culprit as a custom font that wasn't supported by my computer. I'm not even sure where the font came from - I imagine at some stage I downloaded a template from the community and it was in it. When I opened my story file a warning message would pop up indicating that the font wasn't supported, but I had gotten into the habit of just clicking "ok" and moving on with my work.  On my old computer this never presented any issues, so I didn't suspect it as a cause on my new computer. However, on the recommendation of the Articulate service desk I rooted out and replaced all instances of the custom font (using instructions at end of this post) and immediately my performance issues improved.

Over the course of 2 weeks working extensively with this large project I had maybe 2 memory related crashes - not ideal, but a HUGE improvement to the dozens daily I was seeing before I removed the custom font packages.

I don't understand why the fonts caused such an issue, but suffice to say, I was delighted to get to the bottom of it. Many thanks to the Articulate service desk who I had a lot of correspondence with on my issues.

How to replace fonts: