Any way to upload a Storyline and/or Rise module to Workplace by Meta?

Jun 01, 2022

Hi all
We have been asked to create some resources to be placed on posts and knowledge library on Workplace by Meta.
We found the best way to create the resources is on Storyline and Rise but we then have the issue of uploading on Workplace, not knowing whether/how we can do this.
We know it will not work like an LMS - they would be interested in number of hits (which Workplace will do) they don't need completion records for individuals.
Is there a way anyone knows how to do this please, where we directly upload the module into Workplace (like you can with a .pdf, .pptx etc.), rather than hosting elsewhere with a link?
Thanks for reading and fingers crossed that the legends on this community have found a way!
Chris :D 

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Chris, 

If Workplace by Meta supports uploading of custom HTML files, then you can try publishing your Storyline 360 / Rise 360 courses for web distribution and uploading the output to Workplace. 

Storyline 360: Publishing a Course for Web Distribution

Rise 360: Publishing Content for Web Distribution

You'll want to make sure that you are uploading the entirety of the published output, and not just the HTML files. Uploading the incomplete published output will result in the course not displaying properly. 

Hope this helps!