Articluate Storyline 360: States not working properly?

Mar 21, 2022

Please see image and video below. The VISITED state is not working. It should turn green after I click on another button. What did I do wrong?

Button States Image

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Tom Kuhlmann

Without seeing the slide or any triggers you have, I am going to assume that you are in the selected state of those buttons. What happens when you click the button again? 

I assume, the first click puts it in the selected state. The second click should deselect it and then it should be in the visited state. 

Why are you using the selected state? If you want to indicate it's the currently selected button, you could create a button set of those three and then you can only have one selected at a time. To create a button set, select all three buttons and then choose button set.

Walt Hamilton

The built-in states (including Visited) have built-in superpowers. In the case of Visited, it changes to the Visited state when the item is clicked. But none of the objects in your picture matches the states in your picture. So I assume you are trying to click a second object and have "Quick Ship Units" change to Visited state. To do that, you have to create your own trigger. But that brings you other problems. The built-in state takes personal offense at you messing with it, and may not work. So what you have to do is create a custom state with a custom name (like "ButtonVisited"). Then the trigger can read "Change state of 'Quick Ship Units' to ButtonVisited when user clicks on Button 3".

Or, you could attach your .story file here, and people like Tom and me could see what is actually happening.