Attempt count variable

Sep 22, 2021


I need some advice!

I've created a module within Rise that needs to link to another e-Learning module, I've been told by our LMS supplier my module doesn't contain an attempt count variable, so no attempts are being recorded.

I've also tried to add a quiz & results slide from Articulate SL 360 as a block and added a count variable on the results slide, but the LMS isn't picking up.

I'm out of ideas so any help is welcome!



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Phil Mayor

The attempts should be collated by the LMS, when you complete the course it should mark that as one attempt. If the user starts a new attempt it should be marked by the LMS. You cannot add the variable to a storyline course and track that in the LMS. 

I may be a little confused on what you are trying to achieve. If it is tracking your own attempt variable then you will need to add this to a question (text or number entry) and then send that via the results slide, best to use a survey question as it will not skew your results. However real attempts are tracked by the lMS and should not need any work.