Audio not working during Preview

Sep 29, 2017

Audio won't play when previewing content? Its making it really difficult to time the animation of objects.  The audio on my system is fine and this feature was working until this morning (I finished up a course just last night).  It works just fine when in editor, also works when published.  Things I've done:

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Sarah Beach


I only recently updated my Articulate SL2 to the latest version.  I am experiencing this error as well. I followed the instructions on your video, but that did not fix the problem. I have followed the other suggestions (delete/reinstall SL2, deleting/adding audio, checking flash), but that did not work. 

I use tempshare to preview/share my Articulate projects, and when I tried to view the project there the sound didn't come there either (tempshare link:

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,

Sarah Beach  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sarah,

The audio issues above were specific to previewing content, so if your audio is not playing in the published output that sounds like something different. Can you share a copy of your .story file and the link you got from Tempshare? Than we can test out previewing/publishing it and how your link behaves on our end too.

Sarah Beach

Hello Ashley,

This morning I sent a tempshare file and the other person was able to hear it. So it seems the issue is with my computer, but it is not the issue with Realtrek Digital Audio that George outlined in his video. Sorry, I should have thought to do that earlier.

Anyway, I have attached snipets of my Sound options in Articulate and my Playback devices to show it is not the error George outlined. I have informed my IT as well because this might be an issue with my computer. I will let you know what IT says. Thank you,

Sarah Beach

George Lake

Sarah, did you have a look at the video I posted?  I found that SL can sometime get confused with the audio outputs - especially if you have more than one set of speakers.  My issue appeared after a fresh install, to fix another issue and once I plugged my microphone in.  Unbeknownst to me, my system has five sets of speakers (Webcam, internal motherboard speakers, my external speakers, a "speaker for bass and my Yetti Mic).  SL used my external speakers for normal playback but my bass channel for preview.  The video I posted shows how I fixed it.  

ISMP Canada

Hi there, I tried to do the above troubleshoot that George posted but it's still not working for me for Preview - sound is not on. However audio clip and published output works fine. I can play the audio clip on its own and the I can hear sound in the published output. The audio for preview just isn't working for me. Is there a workaround? Thanks!

Vincent Scoma

Hi Lesley,

I am sorry that you are not able to hear the audio when previewing the timeline and course. Does this issue also happen in a new file? If so, there might be a couple of things to consider here: 

Please keep us posted and let us know if you continue to hit any snags!

Dakota Brown

Thank-you for posting this.  I tried resetting the default speakers, but unfortunately, it didn't work on my sound issue (audio ok in audio editor, but not in playback/preview).  Closing and re-opening Storyline fixed it, but now Storyline has twice given me the "Storyline is not working and needs to close" error.  

Steven Benassi

Hi Haneen!

Sorry to hear you are also experiencing this snag with audio not playing when previewing a Storyline 360 course. I'd be happy to help!

I just had some clarifying questions first. Before turning down the Audio Compression, had you implemented any of the other solutions offered earlier in the discussion? Such as:

Thanks for reaching out and sharing a workaround you found success with! I'm sure other users discovering this thread will find the information very useful!