Automatic Hyphenation on a Text Box

Aug 10, 2018

I've searched on the term "Automatic Hyphenation on a Text Box" rendering no results, so I am adding a discussion.

I have a text box with a fixed font size of 11 and shrink text on overflow selected.

Two issues:

There appears to be no control for automatic hyphenation when a word (wrapped in the text box) cannot fit. It breaks without hyphenation.

It is not clear that 'reset slide' is actually working with the text box. When applied to a slide, it repositions a graphic, but not the text box or text within it.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Robert and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing with your text boxes.

Curious if you would be able to share an example as I was not able to recreate what you described here.

Is your Wrap Text option turned on?

Feel free to share your .story file right here so that I can take a look and help you out :)

Becca Levan

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Denis! ⭐️

Thanks for following up! Auto-hyphenation is not a feature in Storyline 360, but I've added your voice to the report we're tracking of other folks that are interested in seeing this in Storyline. You're in the right place to get notified of any updates!

Here's a peek into how we manage feature requests like this one.

Jonatha Teixeira

- 4 years ago: There is auto-hyphenation? "No. We'll send this feature demand to our team."
- 3 years ago: Hey, it's about auto-hyphenation. Something about? "Not yet. But are other ones interested in this feature. Stay alert for any updates."
- 1 year ago: There is auto-hyphenation? "No, sorry. But we hear what our customers need in Storyline. Stay alert for any updates.
- Today: Still without auto-hyphenation...

Maybe the monthly costs for one subscription are not enough to pay the development team to work on an update like that.