Autoplay vs audio Issues

Apr 12, 2022


I have been told that if you have audio on the first slide in SL, you can't have the course auto-play straight into the course. As a fix, I added a brief non-audio slide at the beginning and had it jump directly to the next slide. However, on 360 review, I cannot get the audio on slide 2 to play. Works fine in preview.

Can someone tell me what I am missing? I need the course to auto-play on launch and the audio on slide to start when desired. File attached.

Thanks in advance!

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Joseph Francis

"Due to the new autoplay policies in some browsers, audio and video on the first slide of a course might not work. To fix this problem, Articulate added a play button to Storyline and Studio courses that have audio or video introductions. By clicking the play button, learners give their browsers permission to play the media...Audio and video content on other slides in your course should play as expected. However, if your slides are set to advance automatically without any interaction, media might not work since learners haven't given their browsers permission to play it..."

Storyline and Studio: Media Doesn't Autoplay When Slides Advance Automatically