Balloon animation - Storyline 3

Jul 12, 2021

Good day All,

I would like to create a balloon animation for learners to pop each balloon to read the text that comes up.

Would appreciate if any of you could share

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Paul Laville

Hi Shirley,


By a bizarre coincidence we've just completed an e-learning for kids which features a balloon popping game at the end. The set-up was quite straightforward;


Each balloon had 3 layers attached to it in this order:

1. Layer 1 - animated balloon image.

2. Layer 2  - a 'pop' gif and pop audio (optional but lots of fun!)

3. Layer 3 - the text you want to reveal post-pop.


The trigger instructions were:

On layer 1 - when the user clicks balloon image, hide this layer and show layer 2

On layer 2 - show layer 3 when the timeline starts on this layer; hide this layer when the timeline ends on the 'pop' gif.

Layer three stays visible whilst the kids pop the other balloons - so you need to uncheck 'hide other layers' in the layer properties.


It got a little more complex because we wanted the kids to pop all the balloons in any order, and for a new layer sequence to run after they'd done that. Plus animations etc.  So we had to key in a few variables. However, you may not need those.

There are probably other ways to do it, but we found this ran smoothly and reliably, and the kids seem to love it!!

Here is the slide in its own Storyline file - feel free to copy the logic if it helps.

FYI - if you run the preview on it, actions are advanced by clicking the character speech bubbles, unless a 'next' or 'start' button shows up.

Happy to help further if you like :)


Good luck!


Shirley Smith

Hi Paul


Sadly I cannot open your storyline 360 file as the text scrollbar is not available in storyline 3 which is what I work on.

Support advised that if you have a backup of the course in the older storyline 360 version then I would be able to open it in storyline 3.

Appreciate your help and I am sure it looks absolutely fabulous!

Thank you

Paul Laville

Yikes - that's annoying, it was created in the previous version of Storyline and so doesn't even use the scrolling textboxes. 

However, all is not lost! One of my guys hasn't yet updated his Storyline so, hopefully, this file version (attached) will open in SL-3

Let me know if it works! :)


Fingers crossed,