Beta 360 Images - Number of items option

Hi there,

Wow, thank you for creating the 360 images.  I have been struggling learning on a new program, and this is going to half my time.

I know this is in beta so I thought I might offer some feedback:

1. Is there an option to delete the number of items that shows up on the screen.   Because I am doing a treasure hunt style game I don't want to give to many clues away.  If there could possible be an option in the player or 360 edit to no show the number of items that would be brilliant.

2. Option to insert pictures or images (not just icons).  This isn't a deal breaker as the images can be added in photoshop, but would love to just be able to drop them in.



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Shakira!

We are so appreciative of you for taking the time to share your feedback with us! It sounds like you are looking to remove the progress indicator. 

By marking the Show progress indicator box, learners can keep track of their progress. You can uncheck this to remove the progress indicator when using Free Navigation. The progress indicator will always show when using Guided Tour.

Secondly, I'll share this request with my team to add pictures and images in addition to the icons. I'll keep you updated in this discussion with the progress of these requests!