BG Audio trick stopped working

I have been using OWEN HOLT's method for playing gentle background audio tracks across slides of a course quite successfully in numerous courses.

The attached course literally has the same JS triggers copied from other courses with the only edit being to the name of the MP3.

The first time I publish this to an LMS file, I have to go into the story_content folder and get the weird name SL made for the MP3 file, then put that into the play trigger.  Then it works.

Out of this blue, this course simply won't.  I'm at a loss.


In the attached course on slide 1 are 4 JS triggers.

FIRST trigger is the BG music player, it must be first to load the music player into the browser.

FOURTH trigger is the one that plays the music.  

That's the only thing I'm asking for some help on.  Any ideas?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Jerry,

I spent several hours yesterday trying to implement Owen's technique for the first time. I started off with no sound, then eventually got sound when published to web and finally when published to Review 360.

At this point I should add that there is nothing wrong with Owen's tutorial (it's great!) and attached js and it is now working exactly as I want it to, but I did come across some qwerky results in Storyline.

You will probably tell me that you always use "when timeline reaches . . ." triggers to start your audio, but just in case this happens to be the first time that you have done it this way, this does appear to be a problem that Articulate haven't yet solved (a recent post from them indicated work still in progress).

This was one of the main problems I encountered and so I now have a button which triggers the music to start, but I am sure there could be other ways of doing it. If you haven't already done so, I would suggest looking at the triggers surrounding timeline operations.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Jerry,

Now I'm even more confused, because I changed my execute js trigger back to "when the timeline starts on this slide" and my music is now playing when published to both web and Review 360 !

I would be very surprised if, after looking into this for a few years, the staff have finally come up with a solution in the last 24 hours, but you never know. Perhaps it's just our lucky day.

Jerry Beaucaire

Back again.

In the attached story, I have put triggers in slide one to load the background music module.  Then I put in multiple triggers trying to initiate the music itself, none of them are working.

  • Slide-3: Layer-Objectives, when you click on the NEXT button it supposed to start the background music.
  • Slide-4 there is another trigger trying to start the music when the timeline starts
  • Slide-4 there is another trigger trying to start the music when the timeline reaches 0.5 seconds (I've used this method in the QUIZ that goes with this module and it works perfectly.)
  • Slide-4 there is another trigger trying to start the music when the user clicks the NEXT button.

Any help would be appreciated, this course was supposed to go live today.

You can use the side menu to jump to slide 3 so you don't have to sit through the video on slide 2.

I'm also attaching the quiz, where the background music works fine.