Bug with text entry boxes on mobiles?

May 16, 2022


I created a exercise in the latest Storyline that I am testing on my phone and I am running into some issues with the editing function for text entry boxes. When I view the exercise on my laptop, I am able to edit the responses I wrote in the text entry box and there are no issues with how the text boxes are functioning.

But when I do the same exercise on my iOS phone, the edit text function is not working correctly. For example, if I write an answer in a text entry box on Slide #1 and then navigate to the next Slide #2, then when I come back to Slide#1 and tap on the text entry box to try and try to edit the original text, I am unable to do so. I can only add to existing text, but I am unable to edit or delete the text that I originally entered. 

Is anyone able to share if this is a known Storyline bug and/or if there is a workaround that could allow me to edit text in the text entry box on mobile devices?

I also noticed a second, separate issue with the scroll bar that is only happening when it's viewed on mobiles. When I try to scroll to the bottom of the scroll bar, the items on the slide seems to shake. This does not happen when scrolling to the bottom of the screen on a laptop.

In case this helps with troubleshooting, I have uploaded the exercise to AWS.

Click here for AWS Link

Thank you for your help

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Andrea Koehntop

Hi Andrea!

I apologize for the issues you are experiencing editing text entry boxes and using the scroll bar on your iOS device.

I want to ask you a couple of questions to begin troubleshooting:

  • Does this issue occur in preview output, publish, or both?
  • Are you publishing to Review 360 when this issue occurs, or in another publishing format?

It would be helpful if you are willing to share your .story file with us either publicly here or privately in a case so we can troubleshoot further. We will delete it from our systems when troubleshooting is complete. 

Andrea Y

Hi Andrea,

Thank you for your help with troubleshooting this issue. I was only able to test it in Publish as I wasn't able to do a Preview Output on my phone. I have tested the published output on Review 360 and also on Amazon Web Service and I am experiencing the two issues on both platforms when i view the output on my phone. I have tested it on different mobile devices and with different browsers and still had the same issues.

But the output and preview output is working fine on desktop in both review 360 and AWS.

I just sent in the source file as you suggested.

Thanks again for looking into this.