Building a simulation using shortcut key free form questions

Oct 12, 2021

Hi All,

I'm building a sim on storyline that uses a lot of shortcut keys. 

For this I'm using the shortcut key freeform question option but it is not recognising the "+" symbol. Tried inputting the shortcut key via a trigger but same problem there as well. The shortcut key I'm trying to input and want my learners to input is "Ctrl" and "+" but what I'm ending up with is "Ctrl" and "=". 

I'd really appreciate any help around this. 





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Lauren Connelly

Hi Gautham!

Thank you for sharing this with our team! We've logged this as a software bug where Shortcut Freeform Questions do not correctly evaluate Equal sign and Number pad Keys. I've linked this discussion to the bug report to update you when we release a fix.

I appreciate you taking the time to bring this up here in the forums!