Bullet's animate in one text box

Mar 25, 2014

Is there a way in Storyline to animate, independently, individual bullet points within a single PowerPoint text box?  Articulate Presenter allows this but it does not appear that Storyline allows it. Only solution appears to be reconstructing the slide to place each line in its own individual text box (a time consuming process).

EXAMPLE:  In this slide (below) would like to animate (fade in) each of the below bullets individually in sync with the narration cues.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Beau,

Welcome to the community!

You can animate bullet points independently by

  1. Select the bulleted text box
  2. Click the animation drop-down to choose animation type
  3. Select by first level paragraph
  4. Change the speed and enter from if desired

and, you can set up cue points to align to narration. The attached story doesn't have narration, but does show your paragraph aligned to 5 cue points on the timeline....and here's a link w/more info

Mindie Mosiman

Brand new user here--I'm trying to do the same thing as in the OP. I have imported some PowerPoint slides and need to have each of the bullets within a single text box appear in sync with my cue points. I have the cue points, and I've set up the animation as described above. But the appearance of each bullet is not timed with the cue points; they just appear one immediately after another. How do I make it so that each bullet appears at a cue point?

I downloaded Rebecca's sample and see that it works there, but I can't identify what's different between my setup and hers.

Ali Goulet

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Mindie! Happy you're here and diving into Storyline. 

I'm glad you're all set! Thanks for the update, and don't hesitate to reach back out if you're stumped on anything else. We all start somewhere, and I'm constantly still learning new things from these forums.  ☺️