Can I make completion of a scene be a prerequisite to move on to the next page in Canvas?

May 25, 2022

Hi folks! I have a lot of Storyline scenes that I'm embedding in a Canvas module to make up a given "topic." Students have to go through the pages in order, which I can set up easily in Canvas. But, since they're just pages, Canvas considers them "complete" as soon as a student opens the page, regardless of whether or not they have actually interacted with the Storyline scene. I want to set it so that students must reach the final slide of each scene before Canvas will unlock the next page. Is this possible?


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Math Notermans

Do you have access to the theme-editor in Canvas and thus can add Javascript to the Canvas pages and trigger that with Storyline ? If so... you can set it up to hide or block the Canvas next button till students have done something with the embedded Storyline element. If not, you cannot interact with the page without Javascript.

Math Notermans

:-) Nope i donot have code ready for this. What would be needed is some sort of communication between Canvas and Storyline. In the theme editor you need to add code to hide/block and show the next button ( probably moving the x-position of the next button out of screen works too ). Then you need to watch for a variable in Canvas to be set true. Then you show the next button.
Or just add 2 functions in Canvas 'hideNext' and 'showNext' that you then call from Storyline at will.

Codewise, both in Canvas and in Storyline i can help you. As we also use Canvas at our University i do think this is something nice to get working. I do have a Canvas Admin account with Theme Editor access, so i can do some tests on our Canvas.