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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Shelly,

Do you want to hide or show the text? Your first sentence says you're having difficulty hiding it, but then you say the initial state is hidden...and the user-click trigger works.

I've been able to both hide or show animated text boxes. See the two slides in attached

Shelly Blair

Thanks Rebecca!

I would like the text box to be hidden when the timeline starts, and then i added a change state trigger when user clicks on a button to change the text box to normal. That all works unless I try to add animation to the box, then it starts when timelines starts, ignoring the initial state and trigger. does that make sense?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Bummer. Nothing I've tried is working. Can't reverse it either. That is, add a new state and call it show. Delete the text from the normal state, making it the initial state. Add a trigger to Change the state of the text box to show when user clicks.

Maybe put it on another layer instead?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Shelly,

I see the behavior you've shared here and am able to replicate it in a new file. It seems to only be connected to the "by paragraph" set up as mentioned by Rebecca. It looks like as a workaround you'd have to use the layer setting Rebecca mentioned.

I'm going to share this with our QA team for additional review, and I'll share additional information here once it becomes available. 

Andrew Longson

Hi. I realise this is from 6 years ago and I’ve just had the exact same issue with Storyline360 when changing the animation to be ‘by paragraph’. Seems odd that this is still the same after 6 years. My workaround was to split the four lines of text into separate text boxes meaning that ‘by paragraph’ wasn’t required. Didn’t think of layers. 

Lauren Connelly

Hello Andrew!

I'm happy to help! Since this discussion is a bit dated and based on Storyline 2, I'd like to gather more details from you to make sure I understand exactly what steps you're taking. It sounds like you're looking to add animation by paragraph in Storyline 360. 

Which animation are you using? Also, are you setting the initial state to Normal or Hidden?

If you have a file you could share, that would be a great place to start. You can either attach it to this discussion or share it in a support case. I'm excited to troubleshoot this issue with you!

Andrew Longson

Hi Lauren

It looks like it's happening with any animation when you select the option "By paragraph" and what I can see from research is that this is a small bug and hasn't been resolved.  I solved it by splitting four bullet points into separate text boxes meaning that "by Paragraph" is not required.  Yes the initial state is set to hidden.  I don't have a file to send.  

Lauren Connelly

Hi Andrew!

Thank you for sharing your steps and the workaround! We haven't released the fix for this bug as we've prioritized other bug fixes and features. I'll update our team on this bug and report back if it makes it on our roadmap for upcoming releases. I appreciate you taking the time to share this is still an issue in Storyline 360!