Permanently change the STATE of another object when you HOVER over a MARKER

Oct 09, 2021

What I am trying to do is...

Change the state of another object on the screen when the user hovers over a particular marker.

The problem I can't figure out is - how do I get the object to stay in the changed state once you move away from the marker, i.e., the Marker returns to its normal state. (But you want the object to stay in the changed state)

So, basically, the trigger is - when a user hovers over marker A - change the state of Object B to visited.

Is that possible?

And if so, how?


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Math Notermans

I found the default hover and 'restore on mouse leave' troublesome for things like this. Creating custom states that only trigger once and never get reset works way easier i think. Set a variable to false on the first hover. Then use a condition to make sure the hover on the custom state only works once.