Grade not reporting in CANVAS

CANVAS is not displaying the grade after a learner completes the lesson. An "X" is displayed as a grade instead of a checkmark. Our Storyline file has the following settings:

  • SCORM 2004 3rd edition
  • Report status to LMS as passed/incomplete
  • Track using number of slides viewed

Once the SCORM file is uploaded to CANVAS it's setup as a graded file and the display grade on the assignment is complete/incomplete.

As a test, we uploaded the zip file to SCORM Cloud and the file worked correctly.

After not having any luck, we tried adding a complete course button to Storyline which would replace the "track using number of slides viewed" setting, but the results in CANVAS were still the same.....the lesson was not graded. There was an "X" in the grade instead of a checkmark. 

Any help is greatly appreciated!  


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Mariam Chida

Hey guys - I am starting to think that Canvas does not support Articulate work ...maybe to prevent institutions from using Rise instead of canvas.. I don't know but I tried everything and I could never get the quiz, or view lecture slides, or a quiz within a lecture to export to the gradebook - it was a nightmare and after hours and hours recording and designing these lessons I ended up manually grading courses .. I did send my latest quiz bc my institution is not going to support SCORM Cloud for sure .... well 6 lectures later am back to square one so I hope the community can get back to me on this same issue


Rene Goldin

Yeah recently started Storyline 360 with Canvas and are having issues with getting grade points to go into the grade book - some very inconsistent results.  We even had to figure out some Javascript to get partial grading to go through...SCORM 1.2 seems to be having a better success rate but still haven't solved completely. 

At the moment we are stuck only using it for practice activities. So we only use complete/incomplete in Canvas instead of points so we don't negatively impact students.  But still, get some inconsistent readings. Posted about it here: