Captions marked as 'not used' in Articulate Storyline 360 - cannot change


I've updated a video in the Media Library, but kept the same captions file, as it was an update to a video where the audio didn't change.

Only problem is that now the captions don't show, even though they are selected for the video.

For some reason despite being selected, the captions are marked as 'not used'.


I've tried updating the filename of the captions file to match the video, as with the update of the video the filename incremented. This hasn't made a difference.

Does anybody know of any bugs with this feature/workarounds/ etc because I can't get it to simply show the captions again.


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Lauren Adamson

Okay I found the solution! Under the pencil edit icon is the "Apply to All" command. The wording is strange - I thought it meant apply to all audio files - but it means, all of this particular file. So by applying it, it sets it back into use. Very confusing but relieved I don't have to redo everything.