Change state of object on Slide Master

Hey community.  Does anyone know if I can have a trigger on one of my slides change the state of an object in my slide master?

I created a custom navigation for my course using slide masters.  My master slide has 4 objects that work as menus.  I am using this master slide as my layout for every slide in my course.  Once the leaner has gone through each section I would like to change the state of each menu item to a "completed" state.  My problem is that my menu sits on every single slide in my course.

Any ideas/comments would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Joe Countryman

Hi Peter.  I really dont want to bring the learner back to a menu screen.  Most of my sections are 20-25 slides in length. 

However, the video did give me some ideas on using variable to change the state of objects.  I am thinking of having a series of hidden checkmarks that become "normal" once the variable changes to true.  This may give the illusion of the menu item changing state.


Eric Albertson


I am encountering the same problem.  I am using custom navigation on the master slides and want to change the states of menu items to "completed" once the users have reached the end of the respective timelines.  I have menus on different layers on the master slide and somehow, when I go to a new slide, the state of the button goes back to "normal" rather than remaining "completed" (though I am using variables and the variables still would make it so that it should be "completed." Have you (or anyone else) seen a way to keep the states persistent across slides when the buttons are in layers on the Slide Master?



Joe Countryman

Hey Eric, sorry for the late reply on this.  I was not able to find a solution using master slides. 

What I did was create a T/F variable (eg. Sec1) for each section of my training, and set it to F.  When the learner got to the "summary" screen for eaction section I changed the variable to T. 

Then on every single screen in my training I had a checkmark object (CM) set to hidden, with the following trigger:

Change state of CM to Normal
 When the timeline starts

 If Sec1 is equal to True

I had four sections in my training, so this was very time consuming but it worked.  Plus I had to ensure the learner couldnt navigate to the summary screens to flip the trigger without viewing every screen in the section.

I am not sure if there is a more clear solution to this, but if there is I'd love to hear it.