Change the Previous & Next buttons in Storyline 360?

Sorry if this is a redundant question. I've seen plenty of posts on how to hide the Previous and Next buttons but I can't seem to find an answer on whether you can change them. And by change I don't mean just the color or the text. I mean replace them with other button images. Is this possible in Storyline 360, and if so, how? Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris,

Not a redundant question so I'm glad you asked! 

There isn't a way to change how the buttons look other than the options you mentioned such as color/text. If you were to remove them completely you could look at creating your own buttons on the slide itself and using those for navigation. 

Barbara Gold

hi. i have unchecked my prev and next buttons, and they don't appear on my slide the first time it's visited, but when the user returns to that slide they are there. HELP! Thank you. Alternatively, how can i make them the same color as the background so they disappear? 


Wendy Farmer

Hi Barbara

are these on quiz slides - once you have  visited a quiz slide and go back and revisit - SL thinks you are doing a review so shows the Prev/Next buttons so the user can navigate.

If so, you can setup triggers on the master slide layout that your quiz slides are using to

  • change state of next button to hidden when timeline starts
  • Change state of prev button to hidden when timeline starts
Giovanni Tomini

Hi all! My team and I have recently discovered the wonders of Question Bank. Unfortunately, when they were building our banks, the Previous and Next buttons were not on all slides. After importing questions, I attempt to highlight all slides for the specific Question Bank to add the Previous and Next buttons all at once but it does not seem to work. Any suggestion on how I can ensure all questions have the Previous and Next buttons for Question Bank questions?

Katie Riggio

Hello Giovanni!

By default, question slides in a question bank have a Submit button but not the Next and Previous ones.

There currently isn't a way to update the slide properties on multiple slides in a question bank at once, but I've got a few ideas for you:

  • Copy and paste the question slides from the question bank into a scene
  • Or, manually update each slide

I created this short video demo of both options. Let me know if that helps!