When you design an e-learning course in Storyline, one thing you need to consider is how your learners will exit the course once it’s complete. There’s nothing more awkward than coming to the last slide and not knowing what to do, where to click, or whether it’s really over. To prevent this type of scenario, here are four things you should do to give learners a clear closing slide:

1. Create an exit slide

After your final quiz results and perhaps a course summary or wrap-up, you should link your learners to a simple exit slide. Many course designers use this slide to thank the learner for taking the course.

2. Link to post-course information

The exit slide is an opportunity to let learners know about additional resources they might want or need going forward, such as job aids, links to helpful websites, or a list of key contacts. You can also tell them about any follow-up information they might need—for example, if a certificate is now available for them.

3. Provide exit instructions

You may be familiar with the course, but your learners are not—so let them know that the course is complete and how they should exit. Usually a sentence or two is sufficient, so long as you’re clear.

4. Create exit options

There are two easy exit options in Storyline. First, you can create an Exit button that works with the rest of your color scheme and design and give it a trigger to “Exit course” when learners click on it. Or, you can add an Exit option to the top corner of the player, so learners can exit the course at any time. Whatever you choose, just make sure it is clear to your learners.

With these four simple steps in your next Storyline project, you’ll help your learners end the course on a good note. If you need a hand with your first exit slide, feel free to download a free Storyline Template or Powerpoint Template. And be sure to follow us on Twitter for more e-learning tips and tricks!

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Jenise Cook (RidgeViewMedia.com)