Changing How Scenes are Displayed in Story View

Jun 08, 2022

I have a small, very linear course with five scenes and each scene has five to ten slides.  As I build the course and link the scenes the course is displayed in one long column in storyline.  This makes navigating through the scenes during development more difficult than it needs to be.  Is there a way to line up the scenes at the top of the Story View window?  The only ways I can see to do line them up at the top is to delete scene navigation until I've completed course development or to create a home scene that links to all the other scenes.  I would rather not do either of these.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Richard Slate


These usability features should be the highest priority. A hundred hours of coder time saving your users millions of hours of frustration.

The other high-priority item should be the undo/redo commands. I've never seen anything like what happens in Storyline. It is completely unusable.

Richard Slate
Technical Training Developer

Andrea Koehntop

Hi Richard!

Thank you for taking the time to share how these features would be beneficial to your workflow.

Can you clarify what you want specifically in the undo/redo commands in Storyline since those are commands currently in Storyline? I want to make sure I am linking you to a specific feature request if there is one, or creating a new one if there isn't one already started. 

Richard Slate

I do appreciate your taking the time to respond, but....

To me, it appears that your version of the program work WAY better than mine.  Perhaps if I had a project that included four scenes and four slides, your response would be relevant.  When this occurs is when there are 120 slides in 15 scenes.

I'm trying to understand why, when a customer posts a concern, a member of your team responds like an unempathetic doctor.  "I think the pain is in your head."

I say this because I, and lots of people still get unreplaceable misspellings in the notes area, and lots of other issues that don't seem to get fixed in updates.  And yes BTW, I am using the latest update.

I don't mean to be critical, but staff members whose version work flawlessly are not the norm. 

And before you ask, I can't send you a copy of my project.

May I suggest that your programming team halt adding new features for a while and work on perfecting the features already in the interface?