Changing States on Grouped Objects

Hello everyone!


This is probably a fairly simple fix, but I'm a bit stuck on this one. I currently have the attached flashcards story in place, and I'm having trouble with the states.

I would like the Question flashcard to switch to the Answer flashcard when the user clicks on it. When I click on the flashcards, the answers show up, but the heading still says "Question." To avoid this, I tried grouping the heading and the flashcard itself, but that didn't fix it, and the flashcard that was grouped gets stuck on the "selected" phase.


I'm stumped and if anybody could help, I would greatly appreciate it!


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Tom Kuhlmann

The grouped object is what's causing the issue. The reason it's stuck in selected state is it looks like it may be a button set because it deselects when the other card is selected.

You can fix the card but putting the question stuff in the normal state, then it will turn on and off like you want. And you will only have one object and no grouping.

Anna Gorshkova

Wow!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to record that, Tom!  It worked!! Yahoo!  I'm not sure what the problem was (maybe it was that random transparent rectangle), but in either case, rebuilding the card using your instructions did the trick.

Thank you both for your help. Wishing you a great weekend!