Changing states when retrying a quiz

May 18, 2021

I'm trying to figure out a way to change the state of an object from selected to normal on a menu slide when a learner opts to retry a quiz. The catch is that after each quiz question, the learner goes back to the menu slide, so resetting to initial state isn't an option. 

Basically I have a menu slide with five objects. The learner selects one of the five objects which takes them to a multiple choice quiz question. Once they submit their answer, they're automatically directed back to the menu where they can select another object, which leads them to another multiple choice question. Once they click an object on the menu slide, the state changes to selected so they can recall which ones they've already visited. After they visit all five objects, they're directed to the results slide. 

If they select to retake the quiz however, the state of the objects on the menu slide remains selected. Ideally, I'd like them to reset to their normal state so they can start the process over. 

I've tried to add a t/f variable to the results slide so that if the variable equals true, the states should equal normal, but this doesn't seem to be working. 

I'm curious if anyone can think of a creative solution to this problem. 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Danielle,

What you describe sounds like it should work. Without seeing the file, it's hard to troubleshoot why it's not working. The basics: Doublecheck your triggers and the order in which they appear. Doublecheck the Slide Properties for revisiting. Verify the variable value is changing as expected. 

One suggestion: Try using the Visited state instead of Selected. The Selected state toggles, so if a user re-clicked a given menu object, it would revert to Normal. You could even switch to a Disabled state, so they couldn't re-click until after seeing the Results. 

Danielle Smoren

Thank you for the ideas, Judy! I like the idea of switching to a disabled state. Unfortunately, I've tried every which way to get the menu objects to reset to normal after the results slide, to no avail.

it seems the slide properties are overriding the triggers. If I set the properties to resume saved state, the objects won't change states to a normal state when revisiting after viewing the results slide, and if I set the properties to automatically decide they change back to normal each time the menu is visited prior to viewing the results slide. 

Judy Nollet

"Resume saved states" shouldn't prevent the objects from reverting to the Normal state if there are triggers for doing that.

  • "Reset to initial state" actually means "replay the timeline from the beginning." It won't return objects to the state in which they began (unless there are timeline-based triggers to do that).
  • "Resume saved states" actually means "replay the timeline from it's last point, and don't play it at all if it already played to the end." 
  • Even with the "Resume saved states" setting, a "when timeline starts" trigger will re-execute. That's due to a bug that hasn't been fixed yet. (That means you either need to control the trigger with a condition or have it execute when the timeline reaches 0.25.) 

Based on your earlier reply, I'm wondering how your triggers are set up. 

  • Your original post mentioned a t/f variable. I'm assuming that has a default value of False and is adjusted to True on the Results slide. 
  • You only want the objects on the menu to revert to the Normal state after the user visits Results.
  • Therefore, the menu-slide triggers that change the objects back to the Normal state should each have the condition that the variable =True. With that condition, they shouldn't go back to Normal until after the variable is adjusted to True on the Results slide.
Danielle Smoren

Thanks for clarifying! I'm a bit of a newbie with Storyline, so I greatly appreciate the explanations! 

Yes, all three points are correct and appear to be set up correctly. I attached one quiz scene from the project I'm trying to make as an example. In this scene, I set up the pig image with a disabled state and a t/f variable of "resetmenustates". 

Resetmenustates has a default value of false and when triggered to change to true, should trigger the pig image to update back to a normal state. When the learner clicks the pig image, the variable is then triggered to change back to false, thus allowing the disabled state to remain until the next cycle. 


Judy Nollet

Alas. When I try to open your file, I get a message that it includes a feature (Text Scrollbars) that isn't available in Storyline 3, which is what I currently use. So I can't open it. 

I'm sure someone else in the Forum would be able to help. People who answer questions are more apt to look at posts without any replies. So, for better visibility, I suggest you start a new post. And be sure to include your example file. (You could also cross link that new post with this one.) 

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Danielle!

Judy gave you some great direction and points here (thank you, Judy!).

I took a quick look at your .story file and noticed your trigger that updates the picture (in this case, Pig) to a normal state is connected to the variable change.

However, the variable only changes on a different slide, which is why it's not working on your menu. I would suggest this trigger instead:

Windows 10 (1) 2021-05-20 at 9.46.51 AM

Let me know if this works!