Changing the Recording size screen by screen

Hi there,

Instead of using a large area to show the recording of clicking in a field within a step-by-step recording, I reduced the screen size prior to starting the recording. Then, screen by screen, I was able to move the recording area closer to the field that I'm entering into. However, I wasn't able to change the recording area size. Some screens require a smaller recording area than other. 

Am I able to change the size as I go or would I have to edit the screen size after the initial recording?


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Lawrence Walkin

Hi Timberly,

After I wrote the original question, I changed my style. I recorded the size to cover the larger area. Then I added the Zoom functionality in both View and Try modes. It was really well received. So people could see the specific area much closer but when it did zoom out, they could see how the specific area was relative to the entire screen.