Characters flicker when changing states in published projects

Aug 07, 2019

I am working on a big project that uses characters. The characters change states during the slides to enhance the content. However, whenever the project is published, the characters flicker when changing states. They are aligned, but they just quickly disappear and reappear in the new state. Any specific fixes for this issue? Publishing settings? Anything? It is very distracting.

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Barbara,

Thank you for letting us know! 

I'm going to open a case for you with our so we can have a closer look at the flickering and explore approaches from there. You will receive an email notification about the Support Case so please be on the lookout for that email. If we can have permission to test your .story file, that would help out greatly! 

Please let us know if you have any questions! 

Barbara Malanga

Thanks Vincent. I got the email and will upload the file shortly. Could you take a look at another issue too?

On the second slide - Navigation... I added a red frame around each of the 4 boxes shown that is supposed to use a wheel animation when it enters so that it looks like someone is drawing it around each box. It works perfectly when I preview the slide but does not work at all when it is published???

Thanks for you help!

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Va Eagle

I'm currently having this issue with a .png to .gif state character and gif to gif state character.

The first character's normal state is a png. When the user selects a certain point on the screen, the character moves along a motion path towards that point and switches states to a gif. When the character moves along the motion path, it often disappears for a whole second or more while viewing in Chrome.

The same issue happens with the second gif-to-gif character.

Has anyone else noted this issue resurfacing? Is anything being done to fix it?