Checklist states

Apr 27, 2022

I have a checklist in Storyline 360 that is used to navigate to specific form slides based on the items selected in the checklist. I am using triggers that check for different checkbox states in order to determine which form to navigate to. My problem is, there are two forms with some (but not all) required checked items. This results in the trigger with three required check boxes to be activated before I can select the fourth checkbox. I do have a condition on the trigger with the three selections saying the fourth selection must be Normal. However, since I don't get the chance to click on the fourth selection, the Normal state remains true. Any ideas on how I can make this work?

I have attached a table that shows the forms in columns and the required selections in rows.

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Walt Hamilton

You can't get this to work if you activate triggers based on the learner choosing checkboxes. What you need is a separate option to click after all the choosing is done. It will initiate all the checking and navigation according to your conditions, but will wait until the learner is finished choosing..