Checkmark icons appearing as solid circles?

Apr 08, 2022

Hi folks,

I've set up a table of contents slide for a course and I want each topic to get a green checkmark when the learner has clicked the "conclude" button at the end of the topic (please see "complete state" image attached). To do so I've created a "Complete" state for the text box that include the green checkmark, and when students click the "conclude" button it switches a variable to "True" that causes that object to display in its Complete state. But, when I test the project, the checkmark is just a green circle (please see "green circle" image attached).

Any ideas why? Thanks!

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Walt Hamilton

Most of these icons have a  transparent spot in the middle. When you fill the one you chose, the fill shows through the transparent parts, One of which is the checkmark in the middle. I experimented with giving it an outline with the same color as the bar behind it. An outline goes around the circle and the checkmark inside. I tried giving the outline enough weight that it filled the checkmark, but wasn't really happy with the results. I did find some others that seem to work. If you fill them with black, you will be able to see how they look in the icons selection window.

If I were doing it, I think I would just change the icon. Either that or edit the state and replace the icon with a circle and place a check on top of it.