close caption extraction from Storyline from entire file

Mar 27, 2020

how to extract close caption from Storyline from entire file together?

Right now I am able to extract per slide and not from entire storyfile.

Any options?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Vrunda!

Great question!

Currently, closed captions are exported one-by-one because audio and video files are treated as individual files. 

I haven't seen any alternatives to exporting closed captions in bulk but I'm sure one of our community members have found a workaround! I'll hand it over to them to share their wealth of knowledge!

James Bertelsen

Hi all,

I've created an app that does the following:

  1. Upload a Storyline 360 file
  2. Export an Excel XLSX report of all closed captions in the Storyline file.
  3. Edit captions in the report.
  4. Generate captions via speech-to-text.
  5. Generate audio via text-to-speech.
  6. Download Storyline 360 file with updated captions.

I am looking for files for testing. While I'm still in the testing phase, if you can share a Storyline 360 file with me, and if the app works with your content, I'll return to you the report with your updated Storyline 360 file.

I can be reached at