Conditional Triggers/Variables

Jul 07, 2022

I am trying to create a scenario where learners have to check certain checkboxes to resume the timeline. However, if they check even one of the wrong checkboxes I want it to show a layer directing the learner to try again and they would then have to check a button to return to the main layer and attempt to check the right checkboxes. So far I have created a trigger that resumes the timeline when all the right boxes are checked. I need help with the part when the learner checks the wrong checkbox it prompts the layer for them to try again, even if they check all the other correct checkboxes. 

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Shane Wallis

Hi Wendy,

I probably should have included additional information. As you can see I inserted a Vyond video in the second slide. I created a trigger to pause the timeline at 19 seconds and direct the learner to check certain checkboxes. There are 3 checkboxes that are not the correct choices and if one of them are checked I want it to show the try again slide. I am trying to make it so when the learner clicks the try again button it returns to the previous slide for them to check the right boxes but not start the video over or restart the timeline. Once they check all the correct checkboxes it should resume the timeline. I hope that makes sense.

Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached and see if that's what you wanted. For simplicity, I added the Try Again feedback as a layer rather than a separate slide. I also added a shape that covers the checkboxes after the timeline resumes to prevent a user from clicking any of them again.

Shane Wallis

Hi Michael,

Thanks for working on this to help me find a resolution. Unfortunately, it would not let me select any of the checkboxes now. However, all I had to do is remove that extra shape you added and it worked perfectly! Now I have a template to follow if I need to replicate this interaction. Thanks again!