Conditions needed when Selecting a Choice before Submitting

I am not able to get my project to work the way I need and was wondering if someone could take a stab at it?  Here is the scenario:  The learner is presented 3 choices.  They may click around and change their mind while making their final decision before clicking on Submit.  Unfortunately,  the way I have the triggers, Storyline is recognizing all 3 as being "selected" and moves the learner to the first choice they picked which may not be the choice they finally settled on.  I think I must be missing some conditions.

Also, I have the slide to "reset to initial state" when revisiting, but it is not resetting.  I can tell by looking at the menu when I preview.  Looking forward to some guidance.

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Walt Hamilton

These triggers are the problem:

Once one of them is selected, it doesn't matter if a different one is selected, the first variable has been set. The objects on the slide are in a button set, so only one of them can be selected at a time, but there is no such protection for variables.

The solution is not to set the variables until the learner has made all the changes they are going to make, then set them according to the last choice.  Add a trigger like this to the submit button for each variable:

Be sure the trigger to set the variable is above the trigger to jump, or the variable won't be set.

Also, for what it is worth, I would make A, B, and C a button set and a create the same triggers for them. I know when I look at the slide, I want to click those pretty buttons, and not the dull explanations beside them.


Birgitta Irblich

It is so funny you mention about making A, B and C a button set Walt.  I actually did start off that way and then changed my mind as I was playing around with this.  LOL  I am trying to add the conditions you have suggested above, but every time I try to add any condition my Storyline crashes and closes :-(    I will reach out to Articulate Support again for further assistance.  Thank you.