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William Lawson

Thanks for reply, Lauren. Actually, what we have is the reverse. We have Flash source files that we're trying to convert over to Storyline 360. I don't know if any way to do that. We were thinking that we could perhaps first convert Flash to HTML5 and then convert the HTML5 into Storyline, but sounds like that is not possible?

If not, I wonder what other file formats could be imported into Storyline? Again, thinking if we could first convert Flash files to something else to try and bring them in.


Lauren Connelly

Thank you for clarifying, William! You're correct; there isn't a way to import Flash or HTML5 content into Storyline 360. 

You can import PowerPointsEngage interactions, and Quizmaker quizzes. Another option would be to embed an HTML file as a web object. Here's more information on that.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Paul Weidner

Understood that I can't import/convert old flash Articulate into Articulate Storyline 360.  But is there a way to make them play?  Everytime I try to play it, the browser won't play the content, I get a "Adobe Flash is no longer supported".  Any advice/guidance on how to get the old content to play, just so I can see what it contained, would be greatly appreciated.  Tks in advance.