Copying Slide triggers – LOTS of slide triggers

I have made a little slider interaction where the user can click arrows at the end of scale to move the pointer toward either end. It has 50 slide triggers that change the state of the pointer.

I need to have this on a second slide that is already built. Is there a way to copy all 50 triggers at once to the new slide?

I supposed I could duplicate the existing slide and delete the parts I don't need. But I was hoping to just add the triggers to the new slide.

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R Rothrock

Yes, the triggers on the little clicky arrows that set the variable copied over. But the others are on the slide. I guess the only way is to copy the slide.

I probably should have attached those triggers to the pointer or some off stage object or something....

I was afraid that was the answer, thanks for confirming.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Curtis,

This discussion is a bit older, but we still don't have a method to copy a whole group of triggers at once. You could duplicate a slide, which would replicate all your triggers or you can also look at duplicating an object in which the triggers are assigned and that would also allow for them to carry over to a new object. 

Curtis Wiens

Yeah I know, it was the discussion that was at the top after searching. I am currently doing several long system training modules (screen recordings) and we are using a custom nav that requires a number of base layer triggers. I am hoping that in future a shift click will copy more than one trigger! also being able to create comments to organize triggers would be fantastic.

Katie (Gokhshteyn) Riggio

Hi, Jennifer. Thanks for sharing your scenario with us!

I'm going to let our team know that you'd also like to see this ability in a future update. If there's any forward movement on this option, we'll let everyone in this discussion know. Here's a glimpse into how we prioritize feature requests! 😊

Josh Massey

I am struggling with this one too. I was building some components in a separate (less hectic) scene - so that I could build and test quicker. Got them all working, went to copy over to their proper layer and scene and ALL of the slide triggers don't copy over. 

Duplicating the layer doesn't seem to work either. 

Seems like ALL of the triggers should copy over. 

Any thoughts or help...or is it just one at a time, still?