Correct and Try Again do nothing

Apr 30, 2021

I'm evaluating Articulate.  I have put together a sample lesson of our material and at the end it includes an exercise.  I made the exercise using free form fill in the blank with multiple blanks.  What I would like to see is when the user clicks the submit button, green check marks appears next to the correct answers and a red X appears next to any incorrect answers.  If all answers are correct, they can click the Continue button and advance to the next slide.  If they have an incorrect answer, they can click on the Try Again button and make corrections and resubmit.  I would like for them to have 3 trys before moving to the next slide.  

In testing this, if all of the answers are correct, all answers have a green check mark and the correct button appears.  But clicking on the correct button does not bring up the next slide.

If any of the answers are incorrect, a red X appears next to them but the Try Again button does not appear, the Continue button does.  And nothing happens when clicking on it.  

I am attaching my .story in case anyone would like to take a look and offer help.  

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

*Update:  I am now able to get the Try Again button to appear if the answer is incorrect.  It will advance to the results slide after 3 attempts.  But, I do need to click on the Try Again button twice before I can correct my answer.

Also, now if the answer is correct, the Try Again button still comes up and must be clicked twice to return to the screen, and I must submit 2 more times in order to advance to the results slide.  I will keep working.  I am attaching the revised story file.


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Walt Hamilton


I can save you quite a bit of time and effort. Instead of using two separate indicators, you can use one indicator with two states. On slide 1.12, there is an example of what I mean. For Line 1, I copied the check and deleted it. Then  I edited the states of the X. I duplicated Normal and named it Wrong, then duplicated it again and called it Right. In the right state, I deleted the X and pasted the check. Now it has a Normal state (my experience shows me it is best not to use Normal state in conditions, unless you are very careful.), a Wrong State, and a Right state, with its initial state set to Hidden. What that does for you is to cut the number of triggers in half when Submit is clicked; you only need to change the state of one object depending on the value of the text entry. The two triggers that set the states of Correct and Try Again need to be changed to reflect the new state names. (Just my personal oddity; I don't use names that the system uses, like Correct and Try Again. It helps me know if I'm dealing with my objects, or the system's objects.)

All of that is for free. To answer your question, I think the Try Again button has some corruption. That happens a lot more often that we wish it would. When I deleted it and recreated it, it began to work correctly.

I also took off the Try Again trigger that jumps to the same slide. That really interferes the record keeping that is built into tracking the number of attempts. Just hide the Try Again layer, and the learner can make changes.



Hi Walt,

Thank you so much for your help!  I was able to revise the states of the X icons in the way you suggested and made the other changes you recommended as well.  I'm still having issues with the Try Again button showing up when the answer is correct.  I deleted it and recreated it and it's still not working correctly.  Any other suggestions?

Thanks again,