Counting pop up layers from questions in a module

Nov 30, 2021

Hi there,

I was wondering if it was possible to do the following:

I was hoping on the summary slide to be able to let learners know how many "bumps" in the road they had working through the scenario.  There are ten questions throughout the scenario, and there are two "Try again" options for each question.  Is there a way to count how many times the learner ends up on a "Try again" layer before they get the "Correct" layer?

So it would say something like "Great job, you made it through the scenario, you had "X" number of detours but you have successfully completed the safe medication administration journey for your patients"

If you need to see the file let me know, it is still in progress but enough is developed to view.  I am not scoring the questions as the only way to the end of the module is to eventually answer them all correctly.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Teresa,

Try this:

  • Create a number variable with a default value of 0. 
  • Add a trigger to each Try Again layer that adds 1 to the variable. 
  • At the end, the value of the variable will be the number of times the user had to Try Again. You can show that by referencing the variable (e.g., %count_Tries%).
  • You could also change the state of the message object with conditions based on the value of the variable. For example, if it's 0-1, show the state that says "Great job!" If it's 2-3, show "Good job." Etc., etc. 

Variables and conditions provide a lot of power, so it's worth the time to learn about them. Here's more info: 

Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Judy, I am going to try this.  Now that you have mapped it out for me.  I have one more question if you don't mind.  On the Summary slide can I have different sentence trigger with the variable number depending on how many times they hit Try Again?  For example:  Could I have a sentence pop up that says

"Good job, you did detour 5 times within the scenario, but you successful completed the safe med admin.  You may want to try to run through the scenario again.

and a different sentence if they had "0" detours and another one if they had "20.  So perhaps three different messages with a range so if they had 0-7 detours message a, if they had 8-15 detours message b and 16-20 message c. 

Does that makes sense?  

Teresa Vanderpost

Hi Judy, Wanted to let you know everything worked as you suggested, thank you.
If Okay, I have one more question or requesting advise from you.  If I have four value ranges that will show four different sentences, if I keep it on one slide it is really messy, as they are all on top of each other on my design slide.  Would you recommend doing it this way, or would you create four different summary slides, and I put a trigger on the last button selected before the summary and add my If statement about the value to jump to one of the four slides....curious on thoughts...hope that makes sense.