Create links for training in Articulate storyline? Regular viewing - New Employee

Oct 24, 2022

Can you create a link to share/view a training course or is that feature only available in Articulate 360?  Meaning, once a course or subject is complete, I want to share this link to share on a regular basis. I want to create a New Hire/New Employee orientation training that is available to view without having to upload it anywhere such as Youtube?


What are the best options for this ?



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Walt Hamilton

SL can be shared only in the published form. When it is published, it creates something that can be viewed only using a browser. So while you don’t have to use Youtube, you do have to post it someplace where the new people can access it using a computer device. That can be on the internet, someplace like Amazon S3, or your company internet, or it can be on the local network.

Eiither way, you send them the URL to the index.html file, and they click it, or put it in their browser.