Creating a button instance in storyline

Hello,  I have searched for an option but i haven't had luck either finding or formulating the right question.

We use a button for the same action in different slides.  It uses simple shapes and colors.  If we need to change the color of the button in all of the instances, how can we do that update in a single element and change the rest of the instances without having to do it manually?

Similar to what Flash used as a library of symbols.

Any suggestion or pointer much appreciated.


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David Schwartz

Hi Marco,

Maybe someone else has an idea other than what I am going to suggest, but my suggestion is that you ensure that your button colors are derived from the palette that belongs to your theme.

For an existing project, that's obviously tricky. But if you were to make the decision that certain of the theme colors, e.g., Accent 5 and Accent 6, are only going to be used for your buttons, then you could create a new theme, change the colors of, in this case, Accent 5 and 6, and all of your buttons will adjust. Note below, when using the theme colors, the colors in each column "belong" to the theme color at the top, so if you've used one of these, it will change when you change the theme color.

Another option, more labor intensive, is to use the Format Painter button after changing one button as desired.