Creating A Course That Can Lock Out After First Attempt

Hello all!

I am looking to build a course that could be used as a self-led training to our California employees that they may take at home using their own devices. This however has created a huge challenge for me because of their labor laws, which restrict someone from working more than 3 hours and 45 minutes with no break added in. Because the employees would have access to the LMS (Cornerstone) at any time, we have been trying to brainstorm a way to make it impossible for a labor law to be broken by restricting the employee from accessing the training after an hour and a half (max length of the training), even if the employee leaves the training open and unresponsive. Ideally, our thought was to have the timeline of the course be one and a half hours and trigger the course to automatically close after that amount of time. The only problem with that approach is that Cornerstone (LMS) does not limit the amount of attempts on a course object - thus allowing the employee to open the course back up at their will. We would therefore need to create a course object in Storyline that becomes inaccessible after one attempt, whether that be permanently or for 24 hours. Is this possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

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Anonymous M

Hi Ben,

I believe this is possible. However, you may want to try the entire course as if it is a quiz featuring a time limit. Storyline does have a feature on result slides having a timer. I have indicated below the link on "how to add a timer to your course".

Also, if you have time, you may want to check this thread out where Nancy uploaded a javascript that is attached to a Storyline 360 project that features a timed game (although the thread is already a year a go, I've tried the demo file and it is still working). You may want to check it out and try it in your project but instead of having it as a game feature, change it as a course. I hope this helps.