Creating a new Quick Style?

The defined quick styles are nice, but I have spent some time creating different designs. With that, I was hoping I could save the formatting and stylings I create as a quick style or such. Is this available? This would be great if it is not currently available. Then the new design could be set as the default.

For now I have to create the style I want and save them to a separate slide I make with just style elements. Then I have to go to that slide, use the format painter, and apply it to new items...or copy and paste the items. Not unbearable at all.

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Hans Haverlach

I think it's important for articulate to understand that eLearning designers need speedy workflows and great options to alter design after stakeholders feedback.

The functionality requested here is one of these must have designer options. Why do you hesitate Articulate? I'm glad to leave Captivate behind (although Project Charm looks really promising), but I also do miss these daily needed features Captivate has done right.