Creating a pull out menu on a master slide that appears in front of a screen recording

I'm in the process of creating a template story file that will be used to create IT system eLearning.

I'd like to create a pull out menu that slides open when a tab is clicked on the top edge of the screen. I am aware that by creating this on a master slide I don't need to insert it into each individual slide. This in of itself isn't an issue, I know how to do this, my problem lies in that I'd like this capability to be available on slides containing step-by-step slides of a screen recording.

Firstly, is there a screen recording master slide, and secondly, Is there any way I can send the screen recording to the back so any objects added to the master slide will sit in front of it? 

Many thanks for any advice on this? 


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Anthony,

When you conduct a screen recording and insert it using "step by step" slides it does become a part of the background of the slide, which would certainly affect anything you've placed on the Slide Master as well.

By default, the screen recordings us the Blank Slide Master. 

Perhaps this thread will be able to help you out with including your custom menu on these slides.

Otherwise, you may have to utilize layers.

Hopefully others will be able to chime in with some design ideas as well :)