Crossword Puzzle

Aug 18, 2015

Crossword Puzzle!! We all know it, just have to enter the correct letters and find out the correct word. In this way we have to fill up all the rectangular grids.


  • Developed in Storyline 1
  • Marvel Characters, background images and theme audio files for each character
  • Animations to make the puzzle more appealing
  • Usage of Text Entry and variables

Check out the published output attached below in zipped format.

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Nicole Legault

Hi Parichaya! Thank you so much for your sharing your creation here in the community... We're always excited to see what our community members are working on, and of course we're also always happy to help by providing feedback and ideas for improvement when it's requested :) 

First of all, love how bright & colorful it is, and I love the sound effects. The functionality is really good, and i like that you have an introduction, and also I like how you got rid of the Player. Really cleans it up and lets you focus just on the main content.  

Overall it's looking quite good, but here are a few things I would suggest for improvement! 

Streamline the fonts. It's a good best practice to only use 1-2 fonts, that work well together, throughout a project. I notice 2-3 various fonts throughout your project, and I think it would be best to only use 1 in this case. When it comes to the font Comic Sans,  I know it probably seems like it would work well for comic-based content, but it's actually one of the most hated fonts out there, so I would really consider switching that font. Here's a list of "comic-style" fonts that you can download for free. Also, here's an article that might also be helpful to you: 5 Important Rules of Typography for E-Learning Designers.

Make the row they need to fill out more obvious. When I got to the very first slide in the crossword puzzle (Thor) all of the squares in the crossword are blue, and I wasn't 100% clear which row in the puzzle I was supposed to fill out.  It wasn't until I moused over the squares and saw that some of the squares could be clicked that I understood which row I needed to type in. So, maybe the row that they are filling out could be white rectangles instead of blue, or another color, or an arrow pointing at it, to make it explicit and clear to the learner that this is the row of the puzzle they are filling out on this slide.

Volume control. This one is more optional but, learners often like to have control over the audio in the courses, especially if they're accessing the project at work or with others close by, they might want the option to mute or turn it down. I'd consider adding the volume control on the Player, or adding a custom button on the slide, that allows them to mute/unmute the audio. 

Finally, another tip for you... have you considered taking part in the Weekly E-Learning Challenges? They're a great place to get ideas and inspiration for what your next fun project can be, and also, people love to share their samples and get feedback and critiques from others there. I think you could really benefit from participating in those! :) Best of luck to you, your project is looking great, so keep it up!!