custom button state problems/lags

Hey all:

I'm trying to create custom buttons and am having a problem with them.  The button (group) is comprised of:

a (transparent) button

a text box

an imported arrow image (png).


I need the whole group to enter into a hover state at the same time--the button itself stays transparent, but the text and arrow change color to indicate the hover state.  The problem is, I get a split second lag between when the text changes color and the arrow changes color, and that obviously won't work.  In the attached file, I have two different set ups--one where the text and arrow are triggered to a built-in hover state when hovering over the button, and one where they enter into a custom-hover state.  Both have the same results.

I imagine I'm missing something obvious here, but I'm on the clock and don't want run around in circles--so I thought I'd check to see if anyone had thoughts.  TIA!

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Walt Hamilton

Two thoughts come to mind:

Depending on their size and origin most shapes can have text on them. If at all possible, that's a great alternative to text boxes. (I prefer text boxes to buttons.)

Select everything, right click, and export to picture, then insert that graphic and use it as the button.

Very last option; use as a group. As you have found, groups don't play nicely with states, and as you may soon find, not with anything else either.

Micah Weedman

Ah--this was helpful.  You're right that the grouping doesn't help, but I was able to group the text+arrow to create a .png, and then use that as a button.  This worked because I was able to re-color the composite .png in order to create a hover state-but in any case where re-coloring wouldn't be available, I'm not sure what the work around would be.